Logitech Harmony Link turns universal remote control with firmware updates

Logitech makes Universal Operation Harmony Link unusable

(Picture: Logitech)

Logitech Harmony universal remote link must hang on to the cloud in order to function. In March 2018 Logitech turns off the service so the Harmony Link is practically useless - the owners are very enthusiastic.

Logitech Harmony Link is a small, dark disk over which can control the home theater system. The universal remote control attached to a cloud service - yet. From March 2018 Logitech will no longer offer this clould service, as is apparent from Logitech emails to owners of the device.

A report by Popular Science According to Logitech provides equally safe in two ways that the Harmony Link can not be used: Not only the connection is cut off to the cloud, it will be played out a firmware update that prevents the functions of the Universal remote control. In plain English: From March 2018 can, at best, use the Harmony Link as a Frisbee.

License expires

Logitech justified the step against the US site Gizmodo with the expiration of a safety license, which is necessary for the operation of the Harmony Link. Because Harmony Link had only a small user base, Logitech will not bear the cost of renewing this license, said Harmony CEO Rory Dooley to Gizmodo.

Owner of Harmony Link with active-year warranty can share their universal remote control to a Harmony Hub, a newer and continue working version of the universal remote control that exchange. Harmony Link users whose warranty has expired, been offered, according to Gizmodo 35 percent discount on a Harmony Hub.

sensible allegations

The US IT news site Bleeping Computer writes Logitech Harmony Link have to sell at a discount a few months ago. This sale devices would however only owned for a period of three months, so that buyers are now not eligible for the conversion option in question. Logitech denies these allegations.

In Logitech forums and Reddit, many owners of the Harmony Link feel duped. There are demands for a class action lawsuit, that a class action lawsuit against Logitech, loud. First law firms already dealing with the allegations.

Updated on 10/11/17: Logitech has decided to offer a free exchange for all Harmony-Link devices. Accused of having offered the Universal Remote Controls on sale a few months ago, the company denies. After the fall of 2015 it took the link from the range. In Germany, the Harmony Link did not come on the market. (Dahe)