Fitness Tracker specialist Jawbone is closing

Fiotness tracker specialist Jawbone is closing

Jawbone, manufacturer of fitness bracelets as well as Bluetooth headphones and speakers, seems finally broke. The existing tracker to be but still supported - wants to start a new company that CEO Rahman.

Activity Tracker specialist Jawbone is apparently broke. In the highly competitive fitness market, the company had as hardware manufacturers may have problems to compete against the cheap competition from China and also against competitors like Apple with the Watch.

Jawbone had meanwhile become the largest competitor of Fitbit, the market leader for fitness tracker. With which the company also met several times in court, partly because of patent litigation. Earlier this year, Jawbone had largely discontinued support for its tracker.

Crisis since 2016

The previous the race as a start-up company from San Francisco had at its last funding round get a much weaker rating over the previous year already in 2016: only half of the former three billion dollars would be left. Overall, the company is said to have collected more than 900 million dollars of his investors. The evaluation will decide which get involvement investors in a start-up for their money. You should currently be zero.

Jawbone founder and chief Hosain Rahman wants to give up the gym not complete, but probably no longer produce hardware. As The Verge reported, he founded a new company called Jawbone Health Hub and has already recruited for several Jawbone staff. Once Jawbone itself is handled, Rahman wants to use his new company, the Tracker been sold.