Vodafone builds Gigabit mobile networks without 5G


(Picture: AP, Caroline Seidel)

After the telecom Vodafone is now launching its first mobile networks that promise gigabit speed. In contrast to the Telekom is to work even without 5G technology and portable phones.

Vodafone offers its customers first in two cities wireless speeds up to one gigabit per second. The kick-off fall in Berlin and Dusseldorf, then to the fast network follow in Hamburg and Hanover, the network operator announced on Sunday. "So we are taking another step towards gigabit society - and show how quickly Germany can surf in the future"Said Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO of Vodafone Germany. In brief, the market launch of the first smart phones is expected that supports these speeds.

The top speed should be both new and existing Vodafone customers in all LTE rates available. In 20 cities in Germany Vodafone already offers up to 500 megabits per second. The speed is made possible with the help of bundled frequency bands on the current LTE standard. then available per radio cell, the top speed is available, however, the actual depends in each case on the number of active users and the optimal distance from the cradle.

Telekom is testing 2 Gbit / s

A few days ago, the German Telekom had sent the first radio cells for the next generation of mobile communications 5G under real conditions in Berlin in the test run. About four radio cells are doing speeds of up to two gigabits per second can be achieved.

The standard 5G, using all available networks are virtually interconnected via software should be available from 2020 successively available. He should (especially the future needs for digitization of production"industry 4.0"cover). The corresponding specification for the mobile radio standard 5G to be finalized, however, only in December. By the will of the European Parliament of the development of 5G is to move forward in the years ahead much faster than 4G.

Update, Monday 11:40: Vodafone has made clear that it is not in his new mobile technology to 5G. In contrast to Telekom, the first 5G plants with "Refrigerator-large" most devices, are soon to be released smartphones from Vodafone s reach with the latest transmission technology, without having had to wait for the completion of the 5G standards transfer rates of 1 Gbit /.(AP) /(Hag)