“Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus” briefly alluded

German Engineering: One of the Nazi super soldiers.

(Image: Bethesda)

Bethesda has brought two playable chapter of the next Wolfenstein adventure to Cologne. is Located "The New Colossus" in a Nazi-occupied North America - and B. J. is in the Resistance.

Publisher Bethesda shows at Gamescom two chapters from the announced in June Wolfenstein adventure "The New Colossus", Place in good old Europe the continuation of plays "Wolfenstein: The New Order" 1961 in a conquered by the Nazis America. The game starts unusually realistic for an action sequel: The injuries William "B. J." Blazkowicz has suffered in the last part in the fight against the Nazi regime, make him a cripple. So you have to first shoot in a wheelchair through a huge gunboat will care even for accessibility and help members of the new Resistance.

Old and new opponents

The injured B. J., the pregnant Anya, the cunning set and the militant Grace are not only back the icy Irene Engel opposite - but also their plump daughter Sigrun. The dialogues between disappointed mother and lovable daughter remember that Wolfenstein is not only because of its design successful - but also because of figure drawing and history. Well written and set to music great, the cut scenes make as much fun as the fighting.

Concubine Irene is also her daughter Sigrun of the party. Concubine Irene is also her daughter Sigrun of the party.(Image: Bethesda)

In the fighting, however, the developers have to re-adjust a little, as they say. In the test, the opponents seemed too easy to defeat, even if they tolerate a lot of balls thanks armor. The spectacular retro weapons are still few and far between, which were always part of the fun in the Wolfenstein games. As for graphics and design, however, there are no doubts: "The New Colossus" is beautifully designed and sits by his predecessor simply by the new setting from.

Without Swastikas

This is especially evident in New Mexico, where you will notice the American life under Nazi rule. A sensuous horror captured the players, when a Stormtrooper interrogates two Ku Klux Clan men over new German history. Irritating effect but again the lack of real Nazi symbolism. Extra for English speakers, they must be repaid - in games, not movies. What annoyingly reminds you that games will be considered in the land of poets and thinkers still not as a genuine cultural asset.

From 27 October, you can again liberate America from the Nazis on Playstation 4, Xbox One and of course PC.

(Stephan Greitemeier) /(Vbr)