“The signal from Tölva” alluded: Beautiful Planet scrap

Angespielt: The signal from Tölva

The survival shooter exploration of indie developer Big Robot presented such a compelling and beautifully bizarre world that it is almost impossible to believe the game came from a team of four.

"The signal from Tölva" is a survival first-person shooter of the indie developer Big Robot, previously known for "Sir, You're Being Hunted", Tölva plays out much more relaxed than the nerve-wracking first title of the studio. The shooter looks like a mixture of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and planetary exploration from No Man's Sky - a bit Outpost Conquest à la Far Cry with swings. Relatively quickly, however clear that "The signal from Tölva" his own thing makes.

The story is told in short: A data broker wants to know what is going on with the mysterious radio signal is emanating from the planet Tölva. So the player latches ado his consciousness from orbit into a scrap collection drone on the planet and begins to search. These drones are semi-autonomous robots that scour the planet seems to usable scrap. More the player must not know to become equal to the Explore the open-world landscape.

Robots die beautiful

The most important thing a shooter is the feeling of the weapon while firing, this feeling is true Tölva to the point. It pops, sprazzelt and slams every time going beautifully when the player fires a zusammenimprovisierten the creaking. And the enemy robots, the bases to conquer it, explode most beautifully in colorful sparks. If the player himself disassembled by a burst of fire the opposite side into parts, which is not bad - it just is linking his consciousness into another drone in their own bases.

Comparable simple technique conjures a beautiful landscape on the screen. Comparable simple technique conjures a beautiful landscape on the screen.

But the fight is not always necessary. Many conflicts, the player can go through roving crawl out of the way or he rushes the various groupings of the scrap-collecting robots against each other. With a cyber hacker ray gun even opposing robots can make docile and they clamp as a supporter or bodyguards.

Scrap can be so beautiful

The main highlight, the one in the first hours of play of "The signal from Tölva" stands out is the planet itself. The graph uses relatively fewer polygons, but does it with great attention to detail and lots up for in charm. The light effects of the ongoing day-night rhythm are beautiful. It just makes mood to wander through this world to discover new areas and to ponder its mysteries.

1 out of 38

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Weapons have infinite ammo, but should not be forgotten reload anyway.

The World of Tölva is weird - that is before all the traditional robots, the ubiquitous scrap parts no apparent benefit and the almost mystical architecture. Buildings are often greater than the inside out and represent surreal, labyrinthine puzzle. The look is based on concept drawings of Grand Theft Auto-style guru Ian McQue whose robot and spaceship designs appear as utilitarian as magical.

interim conclusion

The combination of satisfactory battles, beautiful world and mysterious places invites you to definitely explore further. Only players who are placing more emphasis on action and gripping story, Tölva is not recommended. For this, the scrap planet is much too chilling.

"The signal from Tölva" is now available for Windows on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store. The game costs 20 euros. We have alluded to a pre-release version for a few hours.(FAB)