Apple TV 4K: refresh rate and high dynamic range output in the future depending on the content

Apple TV automatically adjusts 4K refresh rate and HDR output with coming TVOS 2.11 to to content

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The TVOS 11.2 currently being in the beta phase are added to the Apple TV 4K in a position to adjust the video output to the currently playing content.

With the upcoming operating system TVOS 11.2 (currently in beta) Apple equipped the Apple TV 4K a mode that adjusts the video output via HDMI to the currently playing content. This results from a video of the so-called "AVDisplayManager"That Apple has posted on its developer page.

Currently, the Apple TV 4K (HDR High Dynamic Range,) is fixed to a frame rate and the output with ordinary or increased contrast set. In practice, this means that actually for choosing the HDR output with ordinary dynamic range (standard Dynamic Range SDR) present contents of the box in HDR means be converted among others. In practice, the result of some quite negative reviews made.

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The Dolby Vision Edition is currently undergoing again at right itself 4K TVs from LG from last year problems: The Apple TV 4K selected there by itself the HDR10 output because this TV model Dolby Vision only a maximum of 30 Hertz can spend. That's enough for the services offered on iTunes 4K movies completely out (they run at 24 Hz), but Apple prefers to use the HDR10 mode at 60 Hertz, so that the interface of the box is displayed smoothly as possible. Although the output can be manually set to 4K with Dolby Vision at 30 Hz change, but the Apple TV 4K then running all the time in this mode.

When Apple TV 4K with TVOS 11.2, the new mode is not expected to be set automatically, but must be activated manually by the user. The reason for this may be that it can come for the respective necessary HDMI handshake when switching between different frame rates interruptions - which could be misunderstood by some users as a bug.(Nij)