Nintendo SNES mini appears on 29 September

Nintendo SNES mini appears on 29 September

Nintendo released a new mini-console: After constantly sold-out mini-NES is now the Super Nintendo it. On September 29, the mini SNES appear in Europe.

Nintendo brings on September 29, a mini version of the classic game console Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) on the market. The device will cost about 80 euros, but there is the mini SNES and 21 classic games.

The predecessor, the Nintendo NES Classic Mini, was due to high demand mostly sold out and was temporarily traded at astronomical prices. Nintendo had the production of mini NES control despite the high demand early in the year - probably because the producers needed production capacity for the production of mini SNES.

With 21 games

The games of the mini SNES is impressive: 21 titles, including classics like Contra III, Donkey Kong Country, Zelda: A Link to the Past and Street Fighter II Turbo, are likely to make you happy so many retro gaming fan. A special treat is Star Fox 2. The game was developed in the days of the SNES, but never officially published. The previous Star Fox said in Europe Starwing.

was the technical basis of the mini NES an ARM processor and a Linux system. Hackers managed relatively quickly to modify system files and load as its own game titles on the apparatus.

1 out of 20

Classic games on Nintendo mini SNES (20 photos)

Contra III