HDR Video: Dolby Vision starts to Ultra HD Blu-ray quietly

HDR Video: Dolby Vision starts to Ultra HD Blu-ray quietly

(Picture: The H / Nico Jurran)

Tomorrow the first Ultra HD Blu-rays come to the German market, which contain a 4K video image with increased contrast to the dynamic Dolby Vision process. heise online has ever taken a look at discs and playback devices.

Tomorrow, Thursday, Universal Pictures released in this country, the first two parts of the animated film series "Despicable Me" (English title "Despicable Me") To Ultra HD Blu-ray (BD UHD). In itself, this would be no big deal - it would not be the first two discs, one after the HDR process "Dolby vision" provide encoded video image.

yet actually almost all have published on UHD BD movies a picture with increased contrast (high dynamic range HDR) and a larger color space (BT.2020). When previously only used "HDR10"could process a studio in the production of the desired image impression, however, only once set for the entire film. Dolby Vision works, however, "dynamic"In this context, which means that it is possible to set the metadata for each scene or even frame by frame. In addition, Dolby Vision is working with 12 instead HDR10 with 10-bit color.


Bearing in mind that Dolby is now stirred the drum for Dolby Vision in the home since the spring of 2016, it is difficult to see how quiet the start on the stage goes: In the film of the German discs located at the front only an ordinary HDR Sticker , an indication of Dolby vision one looks in vain. On the Back Cover then still hiding the "Dolby vision"Logo between a variety of other logos - that's it. Even the still existing on the US discs Note "UHD Dolby Vison / HDR 10 Widescreen 1.85: 1" was simply in the English version by "1.85: 1 "widescreen" replaced.

Who does not know in advance that it is in the discs to discs with Dolby Vision image will certainly not come out while rummaging in the electronics market.


However, the metadata on both Universal Pictures discs are not even half the battle: For the Dolby Vision-image playback is still needed a suitable player and a TV with Dolby Vision support. If you want to smuggle the video signal from the playback devices to the television set or by an audio / video receiver, this is also true for this.

The H / Nico Jurran The Oppo player UHP 203 Dolby Vision signals (not pictured) running in the test set-up by the Marantz NR1608 Receiver for LG TV OLED55B7V.(Picture: The H / Nico Jurran)

Otherwise, you get a picture with the contrast settings after HDR10 - when all the links in the chain at least support this HDR format. The HDR10 information is stored on each Dolby Vision disc as a base. Lacks disc player or TV also HDR10, we see again a video image with standard contrast (standard Dynamic Range).

The UHD BD players with Dolby Vision support the choice is very clear: We currently use for our tests the 850-euro Oppo UDP 203, which as since late last year "prepared for Dolby Vision" on sale is. In fact, the manufacturer released the necessary firmware update just in time.

Another candidate is the LG UP970 for less than 300 euros, which is also offered as Dolby Vision-ready. A requested test model, in which we had hoped that it will be equipped simultaneously with Dolby Vision firmware, but have not arrived in the newsroom.

TV test and first impression

In the test-TV we opted for an OLED model from the current B7 series of LG. This proved to be a good choice out: Our combination of Oppo player with LG TV worked right away.

According GrobiTV CEO Patrick Schappert even the current UHD TV-top models from Sony and Loewe have apparently no Dolby Vision support (see update at the end). Both manufacturers have announced Dolby Vision updates some time ago, while Panasonic and Samsung format issued a clear rejection.

Finally Marantz still the current AV receiver NR1608 introduced us to the test. The device uses one developed by Dolby pass-through mode that allows the transfer of Dolby Vision signals - although this is specified only with the upcoming HDMI version 2.1. In our brief test that worked out really easily.

First impression

After a brief sighting can already be said that Universal Pictures quite strong in the titles for the colors "ballert", Scenes where details drown in a dark background, we have so far (in Dolby Vision-screen mode "movie theater" with deactivated TruMotion) also did not discover. One possible criticism would be that some scenes are a bit soft with a lot of movement of the background. Then we will but once again throw an Examining eye.

Is not a problem, that it is precisely at the first Dolby Vision titles to animated films: Here a studio can of course draw on the controls much more, because the audience does not draw comparison to the reality. In this respect it is a final judgment or probably have to wait ill the first live action movies with Dolby Vision image.

Update (07/22, 6:00.)
Meanwhile, the editorial staff has received feedback that Loewe's OLED TV "picture 7" has a played out in April Firmware quite capable of outputting Dolby Vision content. This should have also demonstrated at the trade fair ANGACOM basis of video files that are played from USB flash drives the company.

In this respect can not be excluded that have reported problems to the player or to the connection between setter and TV due. Consequently, the assessment of the compatibility of Sony TVs must be questioned.(Nij)