Unity Media is a TV broadcast slots in Hesse on Tuesday at

Unity Media is a TV broadcast slots in Hesse on Tuesday at

(Picture: Unity Media)

Since the end Erneuville occupation had led to problems in North Rhine-Westphalia, it had been moved from Unitymedia. Next week it will now be ready for customers in Hesse. Consumer advocates praise the patience.

After two shifts of the cable operator Unitymedia will change the TV channel assignment in Hessen at night on Tuesday (September 26). Cable customers should then start a channel scan on their TV sets to receive all the channels as usual, said a spokesman for Unity Media on Friday. Due to technical problems in the transition in North Rhine-Westphalia, the TV channel sorting had been postponed twice in Hesse.

With the conversion of TV channels to almost the shutdown of analog TV shut off. "To make the free shoveled capacities available, the cable system must first be cleaned up"Unitymedia said. The customer promises, the Cologne company has more high-definition channels, digital services and faster Internet. Unitymedia has 1.1 million TV customers in Hesse by its own account. The conversion is very useful from a technical perspective, the consumer advocate Michael Gundall from Mainz said.

It is good that Unity Media have rushed nothing to technical problems in North Rhine-Westphalia. If customers in Hesse but have trouble following the changes he recommends as a first step, a test of the cable to the TV. That should not be too old.(AP) /(Mho)