Pokémon Go: the spirits are going to Halloween

Pokémon Go: the spirits are going to Halloween

The next update for the smartphone game Pokemon Go indicates that the end of October pending an event with monsters of the third generation. There are also new anti-cheat measures.

The AR smartphone game Pokemon Go get in the next few days an update to version 0.79.3 (Android) or 1.49.3 (iOS). Although the official change log lists only bug fixes and performance improvements, the fan page TheSilphRoad has identified a number of innovations.

The long again exchanged new loading screen - the last change took place with the introduction of the revised Arena system - has it all: He shows other than those already introduced monsters Gengar and Murkrow also Duskull, Dusclops, Shuppet, Banette and Zobiris. The latter five monsters are part of the previously unpublished third generation.

Gen 3 is

Since all five newcomers are Type mind, it seems likely that they can begin soon: the end of October is finally Halloween. Currently do not support this assumption visible changes: Under the hood sound effects for all Gen-3 monsters have been added as well as a medal for Gen-3 monsters to catch and thus enters into the Pokédex. In addition, the code emerge evidence of a Halloween event on - and appropriate background music.

Niantic that at first only released a part of a new generation Monster, nothing would be new. Even by the second generation, there was initially only a fraction: You could hatch all baby Pokémon from the end of 2016 before then two months later, the majority followed. Incidentally missing from the first generation until today Mew and Mewtwo. The latter will be the first opponent when there are EX-raids - the EX-Raid-test operation is running, meanwhile, continues. From the second generation have not been published to date Botogel, Color Eagle, Ho-Oh and Celebi.

New anti-cheat measures

Android users who have installed the new version of the app on the Play Store now, also report on new anti-cheat measures. Users who use additional IV apps to evaluate the characteristics of captured monsters, more could not buy balls, incubator and the like, because the in-game shop empty RECOURSE. After disabling or uninstalling the additional apps in the store was, however, normal distance.(Mue)