Dispute over the broadcasting Post: Different claims to the media days Munich


As part of the debate on the radio post there is always controversy about the public deals on the net. In particular, the broadcasting law which shall be the public media libraries so far temporal limits.

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What message can you still trust and why? the Munich Media Days are seeking an answer to this question. First, however, the media makers are debating a typical German issue: monthly broadcasting fee of currently 17.50 euros.

The CEO of RTL Germany, Anke Schäferkordt has accused the prime minister to let the private media in competition with public and Internet giants down. At the opening of the Munich Media Days she said Tuesday: "The distortion of the market by more than eight billion euros broadcast contribution at ARD and ZDF must be curbed at last. As the results of the Prime Ministers' Conference last week show the intertwining of politics, bodies and institutions remains tight. No one dares approach the much-needed, real changes."

The Prime Minister had agreed last week in Saarbrücken that will get more freedom in their editorial content on the Internet ARD, ZDF and Germany radio. Schäferkordt criticized: The public broadcasting so get the job, "contribution funds to strengthen the American platforms through free provision of original productions, while the private media (...) negotiate with these platforms on viable business models. Hats off to the top of the distortion of competition!"

Money and Politics

The future ARD chairman Ulrich Wilhelm rejected the media days from the proposal to leave a portion of the broadcast Contributions private providers: "The private have very high profits, have earned well over the years. In this respect the call for public money seems strange." Despite full cash the proportion of political deals has dropped at major private channels. "Before one gets here by public funds that own budget situation here could certainly allow more"Said BR-director Wilhelm, who takes over in early January the ARD chairman.

The host of the Media Days, Siegfried Schneider, had proposed a reform of the broadcast contribution in favor of private providers on Monday: "Part of the annual revenue could be advertised so, for example for the production of a political magazine. This is then private as well as public service media could apply"Schneider said the German Press Agency. He is president of the Bavarian Regulatory Authority for Commercial Broadcasting and currently Chairman of the Directors Conference of the State Media Authorities in Germany.

Free rooms

Google Germany boss Philipp Justus called in Munich more space for digital media: "I see in Germany is still far too common intention to restrict every new medium immediately alter the reflex regulation." In this way, Germany could not be internationally competitive. "We need more opportunities for digital innovation and not the outbraking because we feel that we need to protect old models"Justus said.

A big trend are convinced of the Google manager digital voice assistant: "The interaction between users and devices will take place more and more about spoken language in the coming years." On mobile devices, one in five Google search will already spoken instead of written.

Also, the self-propelled car of the future is a great opportunity for media providers According to experts: "If the travel time for leisure time, the driver's seat is on the TV couch", The Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter said. The driver will in future have then a lot of time on the use of media. In particular, the use of video will continue to increase. "The mobile phone network is a very unique video network. We expect that 80 percent of the use of a mobile phone network in the near future will be video."


Ametsreiter called for a rapid expansion of infrastructure and next generation mobile 5G: "A Gigabit offensive for the country is very necessary. Germany is lagging behind here." In all regions of Germany there must be fiber connections: "Fiberglass creates a transport speed of light. This is the transport capacity and the connection for the next 50 to 100 years."

Among the 31 media days Munich more than 400 speakers and up to 6,000 visitors are expected. The motto of the three-day congress is: "Media, Trust, Machines - confidence in the new media company",(Bernward Loheide, dpa) /(Jk)