Yahoo mail service revised and starts Yahoo Mail Pro

Yahoo mail service revised and starts Yahoo Mail Pro

Beautiful, fast and flexible: Yahoo Mail gets a new look and new features. With "Yahoo Mail Pro" also launched a paid and ad free offer.

After the takeover by Verizon Yahoo missed its mail service is now a new look. A tidy look is intended to provide a better overview of your Inbox and simplify operation. The individual elements are airy arranged so as mail subject falls more into the eye.

Thanks slimmer CSS and JavaScript code, the new user interface to load faster than the old - especially on slower connections. Exactly how the developers have improved the performance with React, Redux and Node.js, describes lead developer Suhas Sadanandan in a blog entry.

Yahoo All photos at a glance: A recent survey gathered all the images that would be forgotten as e-mail attachments.(Photo: Yahoo)

New photo index

Practical is a new photo library ("Views"): It shows at a central location to all the images that would be forgotten as received and sent mail attachments. A second view also lists all the documents. When searching for specific content, the improved search function helps. Now also accepts names, keywords, dates, and any combination thereof.

For a bit more individuality various care "Themes"Which color the user interface different. For users with low vision, there are special layouts with large font. Overall, Yahoo Mail has become accessible and supported as the VoiceOver screen reader from Apple. A control completely via the keyboard is possible.

The new Yahoo Mail are currently only available in the English version. Users can always go back to the old look, if they do not like the new tidiness. Other languages ​​are to follow, writes Yahoo.

Yahoo Mail Pro without advertising

Yahoo Mail customers who want to see more advertisements can freely buy immediately from her: "Yahoo Mail Pro" costs 35 US dollars per year or 3.49 UDollar per month. Whoever retrieves his mail only online, saving: Mobile Pro version costs $ 10 a year, or a dollar a month. Paying customers see advertising and enjoy a very special customer ("Priorty Customer Support").

Whether, however, these changes be enough to win the favor of users return remains uncertain. After a serious data theft Yahoo's image had suffered greatly. Verizon introduced after the late announcement of the hacks even the price of Yahoo in question. Four years ago, Yahoo tried to catch up with a redesign to competitors such as Gmail - with limited success. The users had not at all like redesigned user interface: You complained of serious technical problems and the lack of important functions.