Gamescom Summary: The Tops and Flops of the editorial

Gamescom Summary: The Tops and Flops of the editorial

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Games there was at Gamescom course, abound, and although new blockbuster announcements were scarce, we found numerous tips and some unexpected non-starter. Despite a full house the fair this year was amazing round.

As large as this year's Gamescom has never been. Here we draw a resume and put it in the pictures haul, our personal highlights and disappointments before. We at Heise editors were together with our authors for the first time with a nine-member team. Not only that exhibition and conferences have been brought forward by one week, and the Begleitprogrmm has grown.

An overview of all Heise messages to Gamescom with over 70 Firsts, hands-on impressions and background information are our Gamescom topic page.

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Gamescom: Tops and Flops of the editorial (23 photos)

Peter Kusenberg, Top 1:

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo, released in late October 2017 for Nintendo switch.

The cap is the key to success in the first Mario 3D Adventure on the switch. The plumber solves with wit and with his head covering some of the problems and provides with this hat-trick of fresh air to the series, in addition to the first appearance of the Nintendo mascot in the human world. So much fun has made rare as with this Multiple Gamescom Award winners a Mario tour.
(Photo: Nintendo)

The fair is read

Great on trumped this year, the Polish developers. In the shadow of the CD Project Red a thriving development community has been created with our neighbors, which now is a world leader. Even if CD Project Red this year "just" the Witcher offshoot "Gwent" showed, we were amazed at the VR demo on Chernobyl by The Farm 51 or the sophisticated turn-based tactics game "The Phantom Doctrine" Creative Forge Games.

Of these, one can learn a lot in the country of former poets and thinkers. After all, the Chancellor promised in their meticulously choreographed campaign appearance to try to assist game developers in Germany in future stronger. It will be interesting whether to follow the concrete actions. It would make sense all in broadening its base, because if a Industriezugpferd stumbles times - if only because of a few "sillier" Milligrams of nitrogen oxide - it's good if other industries can step in. But for especially the indie coming more should be maintained in this country, otherwise the creative minds wander further.

Eleven-hour day

After all, one has around it a little emancipated the conference program of the Americans and made the Devcom instead of the GDC his own conference on the legs. Certainly one can argue about whether it makes sense to launch such a conference on a Sunday, and also the equipment with high-caliber speakers is certainly expandable. A first step is done but still.

Overall, the Terminvorverlegung has (the press day was the first time on Tuesday for visitors was opened on Wednesday) led to a significant relaxation - this was not least the extension of the opening times of the business halls 9-20 pm. Although the visitors halls were once again sold out every day, the crowd stopped - at least for our tour on Friday - within limits. The folders initiated the currents sent through the halls and outdoor areas between the halls you could quickly into the open and make a little break. Hats off to such a greased current organization.

In the halls especially the eSports game dominated. Under huge outcry the moderators fired the fans of "League of Legends" & Co. and threw digital caramels to the people - Kölle Alaaf.

E3 rearguard

Since it will also not noticed so that the amount of premieres and Firsts at the fair this year turned out very poor. Microsoft announced "Age of Empires 4" , without, however, show scenes, and Ubisoft made with "Anno 1800" great on - after a home game for Blue Byte. Otherwise there was nothing that has not already been shown at E3 among the blockbusters.

The temporal proximity of the Gamescom E3 has long been a problem for publishers. Industry leader Sony also moved because his consistency and presented in Cologne only a minimum program. In Europe, the Group focuses meanwhile the Games Week in Paris. There will again follow new announcements in early November. Take 2 responded more radical and not only traveled to Cologne. Your driving force Rockstar Games may be fair appearances probably save because "Red Dead Redemption 2" will then sell tens of millions of times in the coming year even if the publisher announced it only in a classified ad.

Indies organize

But the Gamescom does not play the first violin in the major publishers, the fair can also use to advantage. So the indie Booth was in Hall 10.1 with 60 developers on 1,000 square meters larger than ever before. Here, players were able to meet the developers of small studios directly and talk shop with them. Comparing the quality of games with those of last year, then you realize the professionalization. Meanwhile, small teams can wuppen large projects that are able to produce relatively cheap thanks to the popular engines like Unreal and Unity, while still looking great. (Hag)