HTC Vive tried with Noitom-Hi5 glove: Without access controller in the VR

HTC Vive tried with Noitom-Hi5 glove: Without access controller in the VR

The Noitom-Hi5 glove works with the new Vive Tracker.

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"Vive Tracker" is HTC's newest accessory for the VR headset Vive. The tracking unit can be pasted on items to bring these to the VR. We have one of the interesting tracker accessories tested: the data glove Noitom Hi5.

HTC wants to make it even easier for manufacturers (and hobbyists) now to bring objects into the virtual reality. So far, developers have resorted in order to stick the conventional HTC-Vive-hand controller taped to objects (for example, to stuffed animals). With the "Vive Tracker" there is now an official accessory for such purposes. The tracker is significantly smaller than the hand controller, as it requires no grip.

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The Vive Tracker is a small puck, the hobbyists and accessories manufacturers can be mounted on any object to bring these to the VR.
(Picture: The H / jkj)

At CES, HTC shows a number of components based on the new tracker, for example, a baseball bat and a gun. we could already try the most interesting tracker product: The Hi5 data glove of the Chinese motion capture developer Noitom ("Motion" backward).

Amazingly, the glove increases immensely the thick of feeling over conventional hand controllers: It felt in a short test run more realistic to touching things in VR, if you do not already something else - the controller - holds in his hand. The Noitom Hi5 Glove has built an IMU for each finger (Inertial Measurement Unit, so gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer). This not only detect whether the fingers are stretched or bent, but also whether they are, for example, moved laterally.

Noitom-Hi5 glove comes in spring 2017

In practice, it works remarkably well: in a developed Noitom in Unity demo we could easily pick up objects, throw up and catch it again. The movement of the virtual fingers coincided largely with the reality - just sometimes the artificial hand felt "not correct" at.

The Hi5 glove will come in the spring on the market. Details such as price and battery life (in each glove put one AA battery) called not Noitom. Also for the Vive Tracker, no price is known.