Traditional brand Hertie before comeback as online shop

The department store brand Hertie returns - as an online department store. The Osnabrücker entrepreneur Nils and Jan Klöker bought the naming rights to the venerable company, which filed for bankruptcy in 2008. In 2009, the last department stores were closed under the name Hertie.

As the journal textile industry reported the brothers want so go into competition with the incumbents Amazon and Otto. Under the address (only on Restart information) should start with a full range between late 2012 and mid-2013 an online store. The offer is directed to the whole family. The entrepreneurs lead the HDK AG in Osnabrück, which previously operated a total of 40 collaborations various online stores such or

Jan Klöker (left) and Nils Klöker.(Picture: HDK AG)

What price the trademark rights changed hands, was not disclosed. For the name written as part of the bankruptcy estate since the bankruptcy sale, there should have been more interested. The naming rights are often particularly popular with the sale of long-established companies. The new owner of Hertie assume that the brand is in Germany to 80 percent name recognition. In the recent past, disappeared from the retail chains such as Schlecker and Plus continue to exist without branches in various forms on the Internet.

Currently, even the insolvent mail order company Neckermann endeavors to ensure that the business continues, the search for investors running. Already last year, the mail order company Otto had continued with the acquisition of the source brand a known name for a new online trading platform. Source was just like Hertie part of 2009 have become insolvent Arcandor Group.

The company name Hertie has a long history: 1882 Hermann Tietz opened the first department store in Gera. In the following decades, the company, as you can read in the German Historical Museum expanded. After coming to power of the Nazis, the company was "arisiert" and taken over by a new owner. The name of the department stores was on "Hertie" shortened. After 1945 Hertie acquired an additional department stores.

The rise was followed by the mid-1980s, a decline in sales. 1994 Hertie was acquired by Karstadt AG. After the merger with the source AG 1999 almost all Hertie stores were renamed Karstadt, but wore from 2007 73 "Karstadt Kompakt"-Warenhäuser the name "Hertie", The bankruptcy of the British main owner these houses were closed in August of 2009. (With material of the AP) /(PHS)