Telekom to expand presence at the DE-CIX massively

Core switches in racks of Internet node De-CIX

A report by the Wirtschaftswoche, Deutsche Telekom plans to expand its presence at the Frankfurt Internet exchange DE-CIX massively to discourage foreign services spying.

WirtschaftsWoche magazine reported that Deutsche Telekom wants to expand its presence at the Frankfurt Internet exchange DE-CIX massive. Thus the Telekom wants to shorten the routes and avoid unnecessary detours. This should foreign Ausspähprogrammen, such as the US NSA, provide less targets. The magazine quotes the Telecoms Data Protection Officer Thomas Kremer with the words: "We are concerned with more security for Internet users. For it must be ensured that data arrives at the shortest possible routes from sender to receiver." Shorter routing paths also provide lower latency and thus overall more powerful connections.

The Deutsche Telekom Board hopes that interconnect as many vendors on the data hub DE-CIX with Telekom, the talk is of twenty times the previous data traffic of Telekom to the node. That would be a fundamental change in strategy, because so far, Telekom has used very little bandwidth on DE-CIX and set primarily on direct agreements with other providers in peering. Telekom had in the course of discussions on the "Schengen network" announced interconnect their networks with all German providers directly.

Already, the Frankfurt node in terms of data throughput of the largest in the world; with the expansion of telecom presence there its significance could increase. The traffic statistics of the DE-CIX have made a strong growth in recent years. In the daily peak traffic is there currently around 3.6 to 3.8 terabits per second.(Uma)