Paydirekt – Paypal alternative: “You do not always have to be the first”


With the payment service Paydirekt German banks Paypal want abknöpfen market share for online shopping. The two managing directors of the new service explain heise online as they want to do it.

Paydirekt is a joint project of the German banks, which is to break the superiority of Paypal when shopping online. Large private banks, public banks and savings banks are all on board, with the savings banks want to come later. Users should therefore pay and purchases directly from their bank account quickly and easily. Purchase protection it should be at Paydirekt, age verifications are also no longer necessary because the customer has already identified his bank. The payment fees are borne by the dealer - and it has to negotiate with the participating banks.

End of the year it should go, users can then register through their online banking, once their bank participates. Paydirekt apps for Android and iOS are also already in the App Store. The managing director Helmut Wißmann and Niklas Bartelt explained in an interview with heise online, as you want to roll the market.

The almost unanimous opinion about Paydirekt is: This is 10 years too late. What they say to that?

Helmut Wißmann: One must not always be the first. We have done that in a year of technical development, for which others have several years for something we are ever proud. We had to coordinate with the banks involved and make sure that it works smoothly, of course, in many respects. This takes a while. I do not think that we are too late because the market is indeed evolving. Our potential: Each online-enabled bank account can participate.

If the cake is not distributed long ago? There are 16 million PayPal users in Germany, as they want to convince?

Wissmann: First, you simply pay us. Second, it is sure there is no external suspense account, but directly from my bank to the dealer. I can be sure of me, saying that my data purchases are not unjustified to third parties. The data is processed in Germany. And I do not believe that, they said, the cake is distributed. I think that the dealer forward to another competitor. I am confident that customers will see the benefits of security and data protection.

Not interfere with it, that the savings banks will only dock to the system from the spring of 2016?

Wissmann: We are in the agreed timetable. We drive up successively from the end of the year, banks will gradually come to it. We are so aligned that this is also possible. Those familiar with the banking industry, knows that a Bigbang start all banks and techniques is not effective.

How complicated it is to dock with the whole back end of the banks was? because you think yes to 70s mainframes and honored Cobol programmers who simply are not allowed to retire.

Wissmann: we formulate it this way: Certain programs are still running on mainframes, but others not. As each technique has its reason for being. To use, you must ask the banks. For us it is primarily an organizational issue. We voted a defined interface with all the banks to which the distributed systems of banks to dock. Since there is a clear software instruction set. The design is simple, but the organization of the whole is not always easy.

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You do not even convince only banks and users, but also dealer. How does it look on the front?

Wissmann: We are confident that we will get more and more dealers signed up for paydirekt. The talks with the dealers but through the banks, we provide the conditions.

Niklas Bartelt: To even mention a great example: The Metro Group has pledged that he participate. This brings a number of known retailers such as Media-Saturn and Redcoon. We are confident that we will manage to establish good traders cover.

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Paydirekt as App (3 pictures)

Apps for Android and iOS are already in the stores.

What do you want to lure the dealer nor introduce another payment system?

Bartelt: Because it's convenient for the customer, the dropout rate falls from low purchase. Point two is a great cover of customers - it potentially reaches 50 million online accounts. For this, the integration is easy, we offer plug-ins and work together with payment service providers, can purchase the pay settlement and can be hooked up via the dealer. And then last but not least, it is reflected back to me, especially for large dealers that the security of the data is also very important for traders.

Wissmann: There might still be the subject to name a guaranteed payment. There will be a test of whether the customer can pay his online banking at all.

About seven banks you have to go

the fees get a dealer would indeed first interest. Do I need a dealer actually negotiate with each participating bank?

Bartelt: At the moment, the dealer must speak with seven banks or bank groups. The major retailers, it is of course true that want to negotiate directly with the big banks. Probably it will not be so attractive to a smaller distributors that negotiate itself. And also we have a solution, namely the broker model. For example, a payment service provider that provides its dealers the payment process is available, so to speak, act as wholesalers for the consideration and provides its customers with a rate.

Why so complicated?

Bartelt: This has imposed on us as the regulator. That's antitrust reasons to avoid collusion. And I believe we have found good solutions to deal with it.

so you can not even call a general framework for fees?

Bartelt: We may not know the prices. And since we also do everything in order not to know these rates because we naturally want to come in no case with the Federal Cartel Office in the conflict.

Only used for online shopping

As just is the state of the system?

Wissmann: We are with pilot customers in a first phase and, among other things, HypoVereinsbank, Comdirect and Commerzbank have already connected as banks. The pilot customers are bank employees. Currently two shops are connected. D-Living and Sport Tiedje. This will gradually more.

Can I then integrate multiple accounts in my Paydirekt account? What about credit cards?

Bartelt: We have a one-to-one relationship at the moment. What they could do is two different paydirekt users create for the respective accounts. As for credit cards: Our market research has shown that customers prefer the connection to your checking account.

What about payments outside Germany?

Bartelt: Cross-border payments are technically possible if the customer has a German bank account and the merchant is docked to us. First step, the focus is of course on the home market. For more we are open, but you have to walk first before running.

Are payments from user to user possible?

Wissmann: That's an option of further development, we have on the list.(Axk)