GDC 2017: The Game Developers Conference starts in San Francisco

GDC 2017: The Game Devopers Conference starts in San Francisco

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Starting Monday over 20,000 developers will meet at the Moscone Center. In addition to virtual reality are the issues "User Experience" and 3D sound in the foreground. As guest stars give Sid Meier and Warren Spector look back at "Civilization" and "Deus Ex",

This year, the Game Developers Conference will take place a few weeks earlier than usual. This coming Monday, developers will meet again in the game industry for their largest conference in the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The past year was one of the conference more than 20,000 visitors; This year is expected to another record.

Virtual Reality

Again, the Virtual Reality Developer Conference place (VRdc) parallel rather than on the same site. HTC will introduce new features to its Vive glasses, including wireless transmission modules of the glasses and concepts for VR arcade halls. Until the end of the year HTC plans to enter in the market of mobile VR systems closer we hope at GDC to learn.

Sony will introduce developers, meanwhile the new Aim controller for PSVR. He should, together with the game "Farpoint" Middle of the year come on the market, but are also available to other developers as a gun-controller.

Oculus did not give details what had to be expected at GDC in advance. are shown in each case, new games, which can be controlled with the hand controllers Oculus touch, possibly the first implementations for Room Scale VR are included.

Other companies such as nvida, AMD or Unity show their latest rendering tricks. Khronos strives for a standardization of VR systems and Lucas Arts shows in some sessions as they want to merge the Star Wars universe from the film in the future with VR games. See more posts from the film industry are the US series "Westworld" announced that also planning a VR offshoot.

3D audio and UX

is distributed over the entire Wocher also listen to lectures on game sound. This subject has previously often neglected treated fast approaching the focus of developers, especially the interaction of 3D audio and VR applications. but it is also about sound rendering tricks that pretend the player more natural environments such as Microsoft Research with its Triton project on the example of "Gears of War 4" shows. Capcom and Ameo demonstrate how the games they "Resident Evil 7" and "Get Even" teach players with subtle sound effects to fear.

The abbreviation "UX" in turn hides the theme "User Experience" to on Monday an entire lecture series for the first time planned. Then tell companies like Epic Games and Electronic Arts as they optimize their games in order to generate as many happy moments with the player and pour dopamine rewards.

Zelda, Civilization and sex

On site are again a who's who of the developers scene that reveal some tricks to their current games. So Naughty Dog explains how the cinematic look of "Uncharted 4" have created. Niantic told by the server efforts behind "Pokemon Go" stand. Guerilla Games and Hello Games show by their games "Horizon" and "No Mans Sky"How to create huge game universes with procedural content. Nintendo is on the development of the vast world of "Zelda: Breath of the Wild" on. In turn, the Arkane Studios betrayed AI tricks from their surreptitious game "Dishonored 2",

As guest stars Sid Meier and Warren Spector appear and tell in "Post mortems"As the classics "Civilization" and "Deus Ex" developed at that time. Under the heading "Curiosities" is among others the one-dimensional arcade game "line wobbler" explained and discussed how to represent sex scenes in games best.

The H will visit the most exciting talks and report the next week by the GDC.