Netatmo: New security components for smart home

Netatmo brings new security components

Netatmos smoke detectors can be integrated into Apple's home automation platform HomeKit.

(Picture: Netatmo)

The French manufacturer is increasingly focusing on the area of ​​security: for his welcome-camera, he brings an alarm siren, for Apple's home automation platform HomeKit a smoke detector.

The surveillance camera "Welcome"Which differs with Face Detection intruders by famous people, just the beginning to have been: During the second half of 2017 Netatmo still want an alarm siren and a smart smoke detector on the market bringen.Das the manufacturer was now within the electronics show CES 2017 known.

alarm siren

The alarm siren works according Netatmo only in conjunction with the aforementioned Welcome. Join the connected wirelessly camera an unknown face, the siren starts first, softly beeping. In parallel, the owner of Welcome receives a notification on his cell phone. If the alarm is in the subsequent second non-disabled via the popular security app of the manufacturer, the siren to a volume of 110 decibels swells.

The alarm is not going according Netatmo if the system knows that even a well-known person he is at home. Furthermore, it is deactivated when the scan can identify a registered person from the camera after triggering the alarm. A timing à la "not turn the siren on working days between 10 and 18 o'clock" it should not be.

The new siren can optionally play a warning or give a up to 110 decibels loud alarm sound from him. The new siren can optionally play a warning or give a up to 110 decibels loud alarm sound from him.(Picture: Netatmo)

According Netatmo the alarm siren is alternatively can also output spoken instructions. Which warnings it is concrete, the manufacturer can not say date. What is certain is that users can be play no own announcements.

The user should also be able to specify that the alarm is triggered when a service associated with the Welcome door / window sensor detects movement or vibration. The "by day" Said sensors had launched mid-2016 Netatmo. A use of the siren with the outdoor version "Presence"Which can only distinguish between people, animals and vehicles is not possible. The siren responds to manipulation attempts as expected with an alarm.

smoke detector

The smoke detector Netatmo want to place as a standalone product on the market. The device will be equipped with a 10-year battery and give a 85 decibel warning of danger in the case. The smoke detector leads the manufacturer regularly self-tests and sends the case-made protocols on request to the "Security"App. So the user should be informed, for example, when the sensor needs to be cleaned.

However, the real highlight is the possible involvement of the smoke detector in Apple's home automation platform HomeKit. Communication, for example, the iPhone runs over the low-power wireless protocol Bluetooth Smart. Both devices will each cost less than 100 euros, a concrete price not yet called the manufacturer.(Nij)