Less semiconductor manufacturer Microchip buys Atmel


(Picture: AP, Matthias Hiekel)

3.6 bilion dollars paid by the chip maker Microchip for Atmel and gets therefore also in the craft platform Arduino foot in the door.

The acquisition carousel of semiconductor manufacturers continue to rotate. This time, the manufacturer of microcontrollers Microchip swallows his direct competitor Atmel. To the had previously courted and Dialog Semiconductor and as many as receive 137.3 million dollars as compensation for canceled sales negotiations.

It features the Atmel shareholders may. Now get for each share $ 7 paid and 1.5 dollars in Microchip shares. Dialog Semiconductor wanted to pay 4.65 US dollars and less drauflegen own shares. Atmel's stock is currently trading at just under $ 8 on the stock exchange. The now negotiated deal is valued at 3.6 billion US dollars and expected to save in the first three years 170 million dollars through synergies.

2008 Microchip hatt ever for Atmel interested and then offered 2.3 billion US dollars, but refused Atmel ab.Erst in December 2015, NXP and Freescale have merged under the name of NXP. Microchip was completed in August the acquisition of Micrel for a total of 839 million US dollars already paid in 2014 394 million US dollars for the competitors Supertex.

Atmel processors are especially popular with hobbyists - they form among others, the heart of the Arduino family.(BBE)