Poll: 78 percent of Germans use smartphones

Poll: 78 percent of Germans use smartphones

so that 90 percent of German smartphone users take pictures.

The smartphone usage in Germany continues to grow, particularly in the elderly. is increasingly important in doing the "Internet of Things", 46 percent can imagine, to control the future home appliances and home automation via mobile phone.

Currently 54 million of Germans use a smartphone according to a survey from the age of 14 years. The share has increased year on year by four percentage points to 78 percent, the industry association Bitkom said on Wednesday. Since 2012, the usage share had more than doubled. Thus particularly high was the increase in the elderly (over 65 years): There climbed smartphone use, according to the representative survey within a year by eleven percentage points to 39 percent.

become indispensable

Within a decade, smartphones are so from a niche product "become an indispensable companion in everyday life almost all people. So fast no other technology has so far spread"Said Bitkom board member Hannes Ametsreiter just before the Mobile World Congress. The world's largest wireless trade show will take place from February 27 to March 2 in Barcelona.

And what is the smartphone mainly used? Little wonder that 100 percent of respondents calling it. 90 percent use it as a camera or video recorder, 79 percent as a search engine. They are followed by functions we listen to music (69 percent), read news (69) or the use of social networks (68).

New devices preferred

Only twelve percent have a model that is older than two years. For nearly a quarter of the smartphone is one to two years old. 63 percent have a model that is not older than one year. Of a new device, most (55 percent) wish for a much longer duration. High, the need is to more memory (42 percent).

"This year, the smart phone market stabilized at a high level. Many consumers are interested in the latest models and are willing to pay for it again more", Ametsreiter said. Bitkom refers to current forecasts by the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO) after 2016 in Germany 25.1 million units were sold, 4.4 percent less than last year. 2015 was achieved with 26.2 million the previous peak. Sales fell in 2016 by six percent to ten billion euros.

One focus of the survey ranged "Internet of Things", 46 percent can imagine, to control the smartphone future household appliances or building services. Already, many users have linked their mobile phone with other everyday objects, such as by car (36 percent), with a Smart Watch (19 percent) or audio devices (15 percent).

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