Django CMS 3.0 with new front-end processing

The developers of the Python-based Django CMS have released version 3.0 of its free content management system. The latest edition of the software brings new ways to edit the site in the frontend and many other innovations.

After about a year of development and more than 3000 commits the Django CMS team version 3.0 of its open source CMS has released. The software is written in Python and is based - as the name suggests - on the web framework Django 1.6. The options, page and content on the front end to work, have been completely redesigned for version 3.0. However, many functions are available through a customizable toolbar in the front end.

On all sides work processes can now undo or redo. Entries may also be published in language independent Django CMS 3.0. Adopting a plug-in or all wildcards can be in the new version via copy & Paste do. Each page can be for any further use, including its plug-ins and store content as a template. Django CMS provides two new editing modes: used to edit the contents of a plug-in to the content mode while can be altered in structure mode, the tree structure of the plug-ins.

What's new in Django CMS 3.0 summarizes the release announcement together. The software is available on the project website for download. The installation is designed to facilitate the new Django CMS installer that the developers, however, nor as "beta" mark. A new tutorial on Django CMS helps in setting up the CMS.(Lmd)