“OurMine”: Hackers removed allegedly report on Buzzfeed


The hacker or group of hackers OurMine has taken in recent months some social media accounts of celebrities and posted it. Now Buzzfeed wants to have unmasked his identity and was then equal itself to the goal.

After the US portal Buzzfeed in an article the alleged identity of the hacker behind the pseudonym "OurMine" reveals, has has apparently beaten back and changed headings on the page and deleted items. That had admitted on Wednesday on Twitter Buzzfeed; sometimes also a little later is not the right headings or links were back.

Sun was on the side several times "Hacked by OurMine" instead of real message title. Meanwhile Buzzfeed has the problem clearly under control - not only the deleted article about OurMine is back, and the title tune well again.

uncover vulnerabilities or mischief?

OurMine had made in recent months several times already noticed. So the supposed security company had about social media accounts from Google CEO Sundar Pinchai access and sat on posts from. Rarely used profiles of Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg were a target.

The hackers it was apparently just about to draw attention to security issues. Buzzfeed now had reported that to the hacks at least probably a young man from Saudi Arabia was involved. OurMine had objected to this, but then gives some access to Buzzfeed to stir up mischief there.(Mho)