Music Streaming: Rdio is the end of its service known

Music streaming - rdio

(Picture: AP, Selin Verger)

After the acquisition by Pandora Rdio is now accepting no new customers more. Existing contracts will be terminated at the end of the current accounting period.

The music streaming provider Rdio tells what to expect its users to its acquisition by Pandora. All subscriptions will be canceled, it will be canceled any further contributions from customers. From now on no new contracts are concluded. After the subscription expires, users can continue to use the ad-supported Rdio Free until the service from the network goes. When that will be, Rdio will notify customers by mail. Just as this their information - can exported - playlists, favorites.

Rdio recently bankruptcy was filed in mid-November, the company announced in his blog that the streaming service Pandora, which is active at the moment only in the US, takes over a large part of the company. For the deal Pandora charged 75 million dollars.

According to the Wall Street Journal had Rdio end of last year almost 100,000 customers. While Pandora has a significantly larger customer base with over 78 million users, but has suffered a significant loss of its market capitalization by the loss of over one million subscribers recently. By purchasing Rdio it secures access to its streaming technology and design in order to expand its service.(Jab)