Test: Precious compact camera Canon PowerShot G7x Mark II

Test: Precious Compact Canon PowerShot G7x Mark II

With large sensor and powerful lens G7 wants X Mark II also convince demanding photographers. Whether the upgrade to the first generation worthwhile or whether it is better to save the 200 euro charge, reveals our test.

The G7 X Mark II follows the precious compact camera G7 X of 2014. Canon operates only very tentative facelift: New Processor, higher burst rate, minimum noise. The latter is probably an optimistic promise. Nearly 685 euros (RRP) Canon wants for his camera. The predecessor, there are currently for about 500 euros.

Competitor Sony RX100 from 300 €

The G7 X Mark II operates with a so-called type 1 inch CMOS 13.2 × 8.8 millimeters. He is much bigger than the 6 × 4 millimeter model in conventional compact cameras. Its lens zooms of small-screen equivalent 24 to 100 millimeters at a comparatively high aperture of f / 1.8 to f / 2.8.

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  • Test: Canon G7x Mark II - worth the second generation?

The biggest competitor in the market comes from Sony and its RX100 Series. Here is currently the fourth generation of the RX100 series at the start. but the first RX100 is still on store shelves. Price: about 300 euros.

Polished appearance, image quality on the previous level

A bit polished and edged affects the second generation housing compared to the G7 X. Thanks to a rubberized Griffwulstes at the front and a rubberized thumb rest on the back of the Compact fits comfortably and securely in your hand. After some getting used to reach a fairly high operating speed also thanks to the many multi-key assignments and wheels with the small G7 X Mark II. Overall, here Canon achieves a good compromise between a simple and yet individual handling. Much stronger trimmed to manual work, the X-precious compacts, for example, as the X70 Fujifilm who choose not unlike the G7 X Mark II to a mode dial.

In the image quality, the G7 X Mark II can not deduct from its predecessor. Measurements for resolution and noise are at one level. At higher speeds, the camera tends to a strong noise reduction, which is fast at the expense of details and structures. The lens affords wide angle also a clear area of ​​weakness.

In c't Photography For the entire review, including test images and outdoor scenes. Even compared to the first generation images and RX100 series of Sony have compiled the colleagues here.

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PowerShot G7 X Mark II with 4,2fach optical zoom
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