Worn-browser data: Mozilla away “web of trust”

Worn-browser data: Mozilla away

About Mozilla's official add-on directory than 870,000 users have installed the addon.

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The Mozilla Foundation pulls the emergency brake: According to the data protection allegations, the Foundation has the controversial plugin now removed from their websites.

Although the operator of the controversial browser plug-ins "Web of Trust" (WOT) denies having passed non-anonymous user profiles, including detailed surf profiles, the editor of the open source browser Firefox attracted now consequences. The plug was removed with immediate effect from the add-on directory for Firefox.

Violation of transparency rules

Chrome Webstore is the controversial extension for the browserChrome still available.(Image: Screenshot)

The browser plug had come under criticism after research by the NDR. A reporter team had established a front company and was able to easily acquire detailed records of three million users. The records also intimate details of journalists and members of parliament were included. As a source of stations identified the browser plug "Web of Trust" (WOT) to protect users against data theft and other scams actually.

"We have received complaints about the addon Web of Trust"Said a Mozilla spokesman on request of heise online. "Through our Abuse process, we found that this addon against the transparency guidelines, and thus remove it from our directory until the editor eliminates these problems." A spokesman for the local firm had pointed out that the disclosure of anonymous data is mentioned to third parties in the Terms.

At least 870,000 users

Following the release of the NDR, the user complaints piled up. Until then the addon usually had very good reviews. Following the release of the NDR, the user complaints piled up. Until then the addon usually had very good reviews.(Image: Screenshot)

According to Mozilla statistics the addon has been installed to date of over 870,000 users. In addition, there also users who have purchased the add-on in other ways. Although the user complaints piled up after the announcement of the data scandal, the addon was last rated four out of five stars. From the websites of the publisher and other download portals the addon can still be downloaded and installed.

[Update 4/11/2016 - 09:45] Meanwhile, Google has taken the addon from the official web store for Chrome extensions. There, therefore, the plugin had even installed 1.4 million users. The message has been changed accordingly.

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