Nationwide disruption of internet and telephone cables in Germany

Nationwide disruption of internet and telephone cables in Germany

Many users complain about the total failure of the internet. Vodafone confirms a failure in many parts of the country. The cause is not yet known.

Vodafone / cable Germany Internet access and telephone are currently in "large parts of Germany" disturbed. The company confirmed in their support forum. It affects only Internet connections via the cable TV network of the former cable Germany. Many users complain on Twitter about total failures, even to the failure of platforms go accumulating evidence one. First indications were received in the evening as against 17:30.

Technician is informed

Update 19:30: Meanwhile, Vodafone does not speak in customer communications by "limitations"But a "failure", The field staff had been informed, says the support forum: "Our engineers are working hard to resolve this failure." Affected are only Internet and telephone. Interference while watching television, which had complained individual users, it is not known, a spokeswoman said.

Update 21:30: Meanwhile, there is feedback from users that the Internet connection is restored, and it still sounds are skipped. Meanwhile, Vodafone has stated: "Since 17:30 there are nationwide restrictions in parts of our cable network: Up to 1.8 million customers can not make calls and surf the Internet or use the Internet-based video-on-demand. Television is not affected. Cause is an error in our computer network in Frankfurt and Berlin. Our engineers are working hard on eliminating the malfunction."

Interference with Vodafone / Cable Germany take continue to: