Microsoft renewed webmail service: From Hotmail Outlook

Microsoft says for a Microsoft says for a "simple, clear interface", But e.g. also chat and social networks integrated(Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft has unveiled its new webmail service He will replace the long run Hotmail - one of the first webmail services that there ever was, and Microsoft had bought in the year 1998th "We think it is time to reinvent the personal email", The competent Microsoft manager Chris Jones said the company blog. Microsoft attaches particular importance to the fact that is good to use with smartphones and tablets. break with the past and had been designed from the ground up: from a "clearer appearance" up to "new connections to Socia media sites like Facebook and Twitter", Users of Hotmail are but can change with a few mouse clicks along with their e-mail, contacts and settings. can display, among other photo attachments as a slideshow can display, among other photo attachments as a slideshow(Image: Microsoft)

The surface of is kept deliberately simple, Microsoft emphasized in the presentation of the service. Email sent sent documents can be directly view and edit - Microsoft donated online versions of its Office programs Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For attached pictures offers its own Slideshow feature. Data can be stored directly in Microsoft's Skydrive online storage.

"We have realized that we need to make a bold move"Jones wrote. Even though all functions are not available. Thus acquired by Microsoft VoIP service Skype will be integrated later. promises, Microsoft, is free, dispose over virtually unlimited memory, a spam protection and remain free of advertising in many parts.

"We do not scan your email content or attachments and not sell it to advertisers or other companies"Promised Jones. That was a dig at Google, whose systems automatically scour the GMail mailbox to display the appropriate text advertising. "We'll let you decide if you want to link their e-mail account with social networks and want which you then use"Jones quipped on. GMail is geared to the social network Google+., Microsoft is currently activated as a preview - but it was already so far that users could use it as a main mail service. The service will however be adjusted also due to the user responses and expanded, says Microsoft manager Jones.(ANW)