Windows 10 also free of charge by little trick

Free upgrade to Windows 10 still available

Actually, the offer was to end on 29 July. But apparently hired the date only the GWX advertising program let his work. The upgrade is available on request still away for free, and quite officially by Microsoft.

In the first year after release, Microsoft offered to all owners of the home and pro editions of Windows 7 and 8.1 to upgrade to Windows 10 free. To persuade as many users to accept the offer, Microsoft installed on all upgrade legitimate Windows installations, the GWX program ("Get Windows X"), But which rather annoyed with constant references to some users. On July 29, the deadline now. Since then, the GWX program has stopped, but the offer can be further assume anyway.

Windows 10 upgrade: Two free alternatives

There is currently two functioning ways, in order to still come to the free upgrade. The first is a clean installation: This requires an installation medium, in which the November update is already included on the 2015th Appropriate ISO images can be downloaded directly from Microsoft. Installation media so prepared to accept installation key of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, as long as they match the edition. 7/8 Windows 10 Pro accepts / 81-key Pro (fessional) and Ultimate, Windows 10 Home accepted key starters, Bing and home.

The second way is an upgrade installation, So converting an existing Windows installation in Windows 10. This helps a small program that provides Microsoft itself for download. Thought it is officially only for people who are on "auxiliary techniques" depend to facilitate the operation, or about the speech or the magnifier. However, the program works on any suitable Windows.

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Windows 10: First steps after the upgrade (10 pictures)

In the first step, you log in with the account that you used in the previous operating system. (Legend: Green - click here; Red - here adjust)
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Windows 10: Not just clean, but pure (8 pictures)

In the taskbar, four new icons slide before the installed programs. All can be removed from the context menu: The Windows Store, the Windows Explorer and Edge browser disappear "solve Taskbar",