CyanogenMod successor: First Custom ROM from LineageOS published

First Custom ROM from LineageOS published

(Photo: Rob Bulmahn CC-BY 2.0 (edited))

Since the company has set Cyanogen Inc. all services, the team goes on behind the non-commercial CyanogenMod under the name Lineage. Now the first ROMs were published.

At download, then the At download, then the "CyanogenMod Updater" called, but otherwise has remained from the old name not much left.

Since Monday, the first custom ROMs can be found on the project site of the CyanogenMod successor LineageOS for download. The alternative Android operating system was lifted at Christmas from the team of volunteers around CyanogenMod launched. Launched as a commercial offshoot of CyanogenMod Cyanogen Inc. company had previously announced cease all services of the year.

In future, the open source LineageOS should be available to more than 80 different smartphones and tablets. We start with now for Google's Nexus devices 5X and 6P, the Moto G4 of Motorola, the Robin of Nextbit and redmi 1S the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi.

For the change to LineageOS the developers recommend to reset the phone. With an experimental version as well as an update from last CyanogenMod versions (CM 13 and CM 14.1) should be possible without loss of data. Stable versions are published weekly. Unlike CyanogenMod ROMs root access should not be an integral part of the system. Who wants to work with admin rights, must flash an offered for download zip file manually. Apparently wants you to problems with apps for payment - such as Android Pay - Avoid: You refuse on rooted devices the start.

At first glance LineageOS Nightly easily works on a Nextbit Robin. Only the updater will constantly a nightly download on the same date, but then reports a defective file.