Document management amagno 5.0 with new approaches

DMS with new approaches

The document management system amagno 5.0 enables any Windows program out full-text search in the document collection. After the automatic classification documents are sorted according to their characteristics in a virtual directory tree.

Amagno is a document management system with client-server structure, a Windows PC with a Microsoft SQL Server as the database as a server - also available in a free Community Edition - provides. For the terminals a Windows client or mobile apps can be considered.

amagno On documents that have been captured with amagno, you can easily initiate workflows by pressing a virtual die and documented.(Picture: amagno)

Freshly captured documents are magnetized in the parlance of Entickler by being automatically identified and stored with the characteristics of the detected document type either, or by producing one of this with a few mouse clicks a new rule set, and similar documents will be recognized in the future on the basis of this. Such rule sets specify, for example, that when a bill of Müller at a certain point the word "bill" shows up, X lines below an invoice number and other predetermined position information on net and gross invoice amount. Information to be found then saved with the document, the document itself is lossless compression and can be restored in its original format at any time. The identified metadata can be transferred online to popular accounting systems then.

In any application can be marked and use via a function key full text search in the complete, indexed Coverage of the database amagno a text passage. Tree on the left amagno displays a tree view in which you can select all documents having a particular feature or feature combination.

In order to classify a document about as arrived or an invoice as a commercial or accurate and to take the next clerk, one can attach corresponding virtual stamp, which then also document the process the same. Since you can decide individually for each stamp, which employees it is available, the rights of amagno users can also easily define. [Corrected Pricing details:] The system will cost in the smallest License Group for three users, hosted in a public or private cloud, 190 euros per month. Costs of on-premise installations, the manufacturer calls on request.(Hps)