Pornhub and YouPorn encrypted with HTTPS

Pornhub and YouPorn encrypted with HTTPS

The porn sites Pornhub and YouPorn encrypt their content using HTTPS. The security measure comes at a time, is disputed in the just in the US on privacy on the net.

The two popular porn sites Pornhub and YouPorn deliver their content now available from encrypted. While Pornhub now uses HTTPS by default, the sister site YouPorn wants to follow suit on April 4. Both "Pages with pornographic content" (Wikipedia) belong to the company MindGeek, which operates several large sex sites.

In fact: Pornhub is now encrypted achievable. In fact: Pornhub is now encrypted achievable.

The Internet Is For Porn

According to Google Pornhub and YouPorn are among the 100 most visited sites on the net. As VentureBeat has recounted, the list 11 "Adult sites"but of which use just 3 HTTPS. Next week there are then at least the fifth

Pornhub has a day more than 70 million visitors, according to their own specifications. Their privacy would be "protect maximum"Corey Price, vice president assured at Pornhub, in a statement. The visit of the side stay thanks HTTPS "strictly confidential", The security measure comes a few days after the US House of Representatives has decided that American Internet providers continue to monitor the online activities of their users, store, analyze and can make money. Despite the HTTPS providers learn while still if their customers visit daily Pornhub. but remains hidden exactly what they looked at on the page.

Pornhub is the safety of its customers apparently at heart: For almost a year, the operators pay rewards for discovered vulnerabilities. Between 50 and US $ 25,000 are available for vulnerabilities that are reported within 24 hours of discovery and exclusively through HackerOne on Pornhub. Criticized the operators, however, came because they had not paid the rewards quickly enough.(DBE)