AVM Fritz OS 6.90 now available for Fritz box 7490 and 7590!

FritzOS 6.90 for other models

The new operating system version upgrades the mesh function after the current top model and the widespread Fritzbox 7490th

The router manufacturer AVM Fritz OS released 6.90 for Fritz boxes 7590 and 7490: An update file can be found at AVM FTP server for download since this Friday. AVM had the version in early September, first published for the models 7560 and 7580th

With Fritz! OS 6.90 AVM equips the mesh ability after for its routers. Anyone who has a supported model can also update certain Powerline adapters and repeaters directly on the Fritz box surface without having to open the configuration page of these devices individually. Also new is the centralized management of all wireless settings and a graphical network map.

heise online has Fritz! OS 6.90 is already installed on a 7590 that could not register after updating their VOIP phone numbers. After a reboot via power off / on the telephone working again. (Amo)