Adobe invents Lightroom

Adobe invents Lightroom

The new desktop program Lighroom CC looks like Lightroom Mobile.

Adobe Lightroom CC completely redeveloped as a cloud-based desktop version of Lightroom Mobile. Photshop CC, mobile and desktop access Lightroom future to the same data. But Lightroom "Classic" CC gets an update.

Adobe calls its offer around Lightroom at the Open House Max this year a "Cloud-based photography service", From now on a completely new program named Lightroom CC - at the Adobe Max 2016, this was already a sneak preview codenamed "Project Nimbus" to see. The well-known previously under the name of the program is now called Lightroom Classic CC.

Photos in the Cloud

Lightroom CC stands as an application for Windows and macOS available. It acts like a desktop version of Lightroom Mobile. The latter Adobe has renamed Lightroom CC for iOS or Lightroom CC for Android. The new Lightroom CC will use the same engine as Lightroom Classic and Photoshop Import Plug-in Camera Raw.

is the largest structural innovation is that with the new Lightroom CC the entire Lightroom Library is in the cloud. In this library, the new Lightroom CC for Window and macOS, the web app and Lightroom CC for Android and iOS to access equally.

The AI ​​framework Adobe Sensei takes over the automatic indexing. You already used in other Adobe products such as Photoshop Elements and Experience Cloud used.

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Lightroom CC (6 pictures)

Lightroom CC sort photos in hierarchical albums.

Updates to the mobile Lighroom CC

Also Lightroom CC for Android and iOS to support the automatic indexing. There are also hierarchical albums, file support for iOS 11 and an improved iPad layout. The Android version will now receive the masking brush for selective processing, which was previously reserved for iOS users.

The web app is to facilitate the management of publicly accessible online galleries. They also released at the request photos on Adobe's portfolio websites, a relatively young service can present their work in a network with the creative.

Lightroom Classic CC

Light Room Classic CC processed color areas after selection with a pipette selectively. Light Room Classic CC processed color areas after selection with a pipette selectively.

The ordinary users of Lightroom can expect significant performance gains. This applies to the program start, generating thumbnails, the change from the library to the Develop module, the transition from one photo to the next, and the Brush tool.

A new tool for color selection facilitates selective editing. With masking brush and radial or linear course it makes a preselection and this can refine then. The color range is marked with a pipette, and then sets using a slider to set the scope of the masked tonal range.

Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC now directly accesses the Lightroom library. Photoshop CC now directly accesses the Lightroom library.

The color range selector holds 10 way into Photoshop Camera Raw. In addition, the start screen of Photoshop directly accesses the cloud Lightroom catalog CC and displays thumbnails of the photos stored there.

Brush tips can now be drag & organize drop into folders. Anyone who has an uncertain hand can smooth brush strokes. The operation of the tool path Adobe has significantly simplified. Until now you had to cumbersome change tools or to remember keyboard shortcuts. In future, meet a few mouse clicks to create a path.

Adobe has integrated web fonts from Typekit and the Agency Bilderdienst Adobe Stock deeper into the program. In addition, Photoshop supports variable fonts, the line width can be adjusted more evident than with the system of standard, low-fat and fat. Artificial intelligence will in image scaling produce sharper edges and more detail than before. Also supports Photoshop 360-degree panoramic photos that heif format and using the Microsoft Dial.

The new pricing structure

Users of Photography subscriptions get 20 GB of online storage since its introduction almost 12 euros per month in addition to Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop. Now they can also use the new Lightroom CC in all its variants.

A new "Creative Cloud photograph plan" increased its online storage to 1TB. It costs $ 19.99 per month; in the first year Adobe sweetened started with 14.99 US dollars per month. Included are Photoshop CC, Lighroom Classic CC, CC Lightroom, Adobe Spark Premium and Adobe portfolio. Without Photoshop CC the whole cost as "Lightroom CC plan" $ 9.99. In addition, Adobe offers the Lightroom apps for Android and iOS to include 100 GB of cloud storage for $ 9.99 per month.(AKR)