Nvidia TitanXp: 1200-US-dollar collector graphics cards for Star Wars fans

High-end graphics card Nvidia TitanXp: Collector's Edition of Star Wars fans:

Titan XP variants: Galactic Empire or Jedi Order

(Picture: Nvidia)

They are expensive and glow either green or red: Two collector's editions of the high-end graphics cards Nvidia TitanXp can pre-order now.

Nvidia is launching two collectors variants with slightly modified, shaped like a lightsaber handle cooler design for Star Wars fans of its high-end graphics card Titan XP. the variant "Jedi Order" shines neon green during operation, the variant "Galactic Empire" red. Technically corresponding to a conventional card Nvidia Titan XP and can be pre-order for $ 1,200, exact prices in euros has Nvidia yet to be announced. The cards are to be delivered in mid-November.

Pascal graphics chip with 12 billion transistors

The titanium Xp includes a Pascal graphics chip of the GP102 series with 3840 shader cores. They run at 1404 MHz base clock and allowed to overclock under load at 1582 MHz and more, if pre-defined limits are not exceeded in the GPU temperature and power consumption. The theoretical computing power of the Titan Xp is 12.1 trillion floating point operations per second (TFLOPS / teraflops) at single precision (single precision / FP32). At half-precision (FP16) the map of Nvidia to 1/64-th of the FP32 computing power is throttled in double precision (FP64) reaches a 1/32-stel the FP32 performance.

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Nvidia Titan XP: Star Wars collector's editions (17 pictures)

(Picture: Nvidia)

Half a terabyte per second

In addition, Nvidia sets a 12 GByte GDDR5X memory which is connected to 384 data lines with the GPU and achieves a transfer rate of nearly 548 GB / s. That's enough for even the most demanding applications, such as for real-time ray tracing over iray and Co or jumpy displaying games in the 4K resolution with high detail.

The maximum power consumption is 250 watts, which also achieved the graphics card under continuous full load. Therefore, the user must connect the titanium Xp each having an eight and a six-pole plug PCIe power directly with the power supply for operation. Nvidia recommends doing a power supply with at least 600 watts.

Up to four displays the TitanXp drives the same time - she has three DisplayPort 1.4 connectors and one HDMI 2.0b port. 5K also displays via a cable to 60 Hz can be controlled via DisplayPort, HDMI can 2.0b on one example, operate UHD TV with 60 Hz.(Mfi)