AV receiver choke on Apple’s AirPlay

AirPlay capable receiver - here from Denon.

(Picture: Manufacturer)

If the cover images too large devices from Denon and Co. may crash when they are powered by the Apple streaming technology with songs.

The available in iOS and macOS audio technology AirPlay, with which you can easily stream music from Apple devices on the local network to other devices, in conjunction with AV receiver devices from different manufacturers known for problems. Exceed the songs linked Cover shots a certain size, choke different models of Denon, Marantz and Sony - it comes when you call a song to crash the surface or even reboot loops that resolve only by pulling the plug to let.

In less severe cases, even stop simply play or the current playlist will not be processed. This affects devices with screen, the AV receiver has only a text display, the bug should not occur.

Large cover images crashen audio devices

, Not much if you set this hand and take care not used as a template a scan - according to experiments of the trade portal Apple Insider already it is enough that cover recordings exceed the size of 600 by 600 pixels. A song with an image of size 1600 x 1600 pixels crashes, according to Apple Insider, for example, the Denon AVR-S900W reproducible - "every single time",

Currently there is no simple remedy for the problem - Apple should be AirPlay format change so that images will be forwarded at a lower resolution to the AV receiver. Alternatively, manufacturers could adapt their firmware and maybe turn the buffer. update many hi-fi manufacturer, the software on their devices but rarely - especially when it comes to older models.

delete images and recharge

However, sufferers can circumnavigate a trick such crashes. That, however, zoom (PC or Mac) to the stored cover images of its song library with iTunes. These can be deleted by marking the context menu. Subsequently, new cover art by Apple can refer directly - via the option "Get Album Artwork" In the context menu.

However, if appropriate loses then larger and higher-resolution cover images by this measure. If you want to do this with the entire song collection, this can take a while - partly because the cover must first be obtained from Apple's servers. (BSC)