Disorder in iMessage and FaceTime: activation fails

Are users not reached by iMessage, the service automatically sends SMS messages.

(Image: Apple)

Activation of iMessage and FaceTime currently fails in various German mobile operators - instead, users get cryptic text messages from Apple's activation servers in the UK.

Large-scale disorder in Apple's iMessage communication services and FaceTime: The activation of both services currently fails in many cases, as readers report. The problem already occurred on Sunday and lasts until now.

Cryptic SMS from the UK

To activate respectively registration of a mobile number iOS sends a silent SMS to Apple's activation servers in the UK, here it comes currently seem to be the problem: Instead of releasing the service as usual and thus to enable on the device, users receive a visible text of +44 7786 205094, which contains only one indiscriminately acting combination of characters with the text "REG-RESP".

With each activation attempt iMessage vershickt an SMS to the UK, it costs some 30 cents each.
With each activation attempt iMessage vershickt an SMS to the UK, it costs some 30 cents each.Enlarge

The iOS settings show in the "News" for iMessage then usually "Waiting for activation" on. The normally only briefly faded Note however currently does not disappear, iMessage (and FaceTime) therefore remains inactive. Since iOS tried several times in this case to carry out the activation and for each sent an SMS to the UK at a price of usually around 30 cents, thereby fall to progressively costs.

iMessage activation problem with Apple and carriers known

The problem seems now known by the support teams of network operators and Apple: The telecom support informed about having to resolved the problem would already worked, also the theme of "costs" have it "on the screen" and located to in clarifying. The same can be heard at Vodafone and O2 support as readers write.

Affected users may temporarily turn off in the settings iMessage and FaceTime - they are of course no longer be reached by the services. A similar problem was activated as early as last November, but then only affected users on the network of Deutsche Telekom - the disturbance lasted over weeks.

Other problems with iMessage

It seems the only disorder in iMessage present: Individual users also report that the messaging service is currently still selected messages on other devices as unread, although these have been seen on a device. Apple's support page that is supposed to perform disorders of cloud services company, is silent on the problems so far off - there everything is green.

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