Apple’s new iMacs in the test: Bright and faster

Mac & i had the opportunity to test the newly launched desktop machine and check Apple's promises. The iMacs are now counting on Thunderbolt 3, current Kaby Lake processors and new graphics chips.

The overdue jump of two generations of processors accelerated significantly, the new iMac entry model as a test of Mac & i showed. The 2-core processor made from the previously cheapest, but very slow 21.5"-IMAC jumping from 1.6 to 2.3 GHz. Overall, the new when rendering with Cinema 4D on all cores over 50 percent was faster. However, Apple still installed a slow hard drive in the base configuration that can be upgraded only from the factory.

Even the previously soldered memory can be in the new 21.5"-IMAC now swap again - in theory. The same goes for handwritten change of HDD with a SSD.

The 4K iMac benefited the results show that also the transition to Intel's current Kaby Lake processors, albeit to a lesser extent. Apple has also improved the display of the all-in-one Macs again - it's brighter, among others - and now equips these with two fast Thunderbolt-3 ports with USB-C connectors. Four large USB connectors (type A) remain available.

The report read in full length for Mac & i (with discussion forum):

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