Report: MacBook Air could disappear this year

The MacBook Air was once marketed by Apple as the thinnest computer of all time.

(Picture: AP, Apple)

Apple apparently planning to enforce the MacBook Pro without touch bar to replace the 13-inch MacBook Air. The smaller version of the Air has already disappeared from the market.

The time of the MacBook Air seems finally expire: While Apple sells the once slimmest notebook the company is still in the 13-inch version, but has not been updated for some time. Now as appearing in Taiwan Economic Daily News report, the group still plans to complete setting of the product line this year. According to the Journal of the MacBook Pro with 13-inch screen to replace the MacBook Air without touch bar.

A model already set

The 11-inch version is no longer sold since last year - it had been taken along with the launch of the new MacBook Pro in November from Apple's distribution channels. The 12-inch MacBook with Retina screen replaces the small Air. If Apple really take the 13-inch MacBook Air from the market, the entry would increase in the Mac world.

currently 1,100 euros are due for the device in the smallest version with 1.6 GHz and 128 GB SSD, for the version with 256 GB There are 1,350 euros. The MacBook Retina 12 inches already cost 1,450 euros, while even in 1700 Euro by Apple called for the 13-inch MacBook Pro without touch bar. but maybe is here then a price cut on.

Kaby Lake machines later this year

Currently observers believe that Apple's new MacBook Pro models with Kaby Lake Processor from next July in mass production. Currently the machines are still running with the Skylake architecture. As of September then a new professional MacBook Pro with 15-inch screen and 32 GB of RAM could run off the line as the usually well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes. Currently sells Apple's MacBook Pro machines with a maximum of 16 GB of RAM.

Sales growth expected in mobile Macs

How to write the Economic Daily News on, Apple expects supply chain in Asia with growth in mobile Macs. 2017 would offset of MacBook and MacBook Pro 15 million units, the paper predicts.(BSC)