New MacBook Pro: SSD can replace

(Image: iFixit)

In contrast to the memory, the SSD in the new entry-level MacBook Pro Series is not soldered. Apple is once again on its own SSD controller.

Users can exchange even the SSD in the MacBook Pro continues. This is true at least for the new entry-level model with 13-inch display, as a glance of the disassembled by iFixit shows notebooks. Apple itself marked the storage medium in the new Pro Series for the first time as "on-board", usually this means that the component is soldered. This is about the memory of the case, which can not be subsequently upgraded. The SSD of the introduced 2015 12 "-MacBooks is integrated.

To get to the SSD of the MacBook Pro, the bottom of the case you have to open, but a more compatible with Apple's Pentalobe screws screwdriver is required - and now apparently also a sucker.

SSD with Apple controller and special connector

SSD in the MacBook Pro
The PCI Express-connected SSD in the new MacBook Pro Apple promises a speed increase of up to 100 percent the previous model.Enlarge
Image: iFixit

The manufacturer sets the SSD again an in-house controller one, which was introduced last year with the Retina MacBook - and another new, proprietary connector. In the past, delivered after a while third party manufacturers retrofit solutions for Apple's SSD memory module in the MacBook Pro range, this could be the case again in the future - an announcement there are not.

Unclear remains for the time being whether access to the SSD in the other MacBook Pro models with touch bar as possible. Only the entry model still relies on hardware function keys instead of the new multi-touch bar.

A little less bad repair

Unlike the predecessor, now the trackpad can be replaced without having to first remove the battery, which is still "very firmly" glued into the case, iFixit says. The disassembly of the notebook offers a view on further changes as the revised key mechanism and the display hinge.

An AirPort Card for wireless connections no longer exists now, says iFixit, WLAN and Bluetooth chips have been integrated into the motherboard. In-house service scale ranging to 10 for particularly easy to repair equipment, iFixit is now awarding a 2 - the previous model had not yet received a first (LBE)