Mac App brings iOS downloads back to the desktop

App management in Imazing.

(Picture: developers)

With Imazing 2.5 it is again possible to download apps for iPhone and iPad on the computer and to manage - but only as long as Apple allows.

With iTunes 12.7 Apple stressed the ability to download iOS apps on Mac and PC, and manage them - to the annoyance of many (not only) professional user. While there is a special version of iTunes the ability to recover the function, but this is generally not up to date, the iPhone and iPad tool Imazing by the manufacturer DigiDNA now offers an alternative. With the new macOS version 2.5 of the app a download and management function for iOS programs is included.

Apple ID must be entered

The feature is offered users the regular 40 euros expensive app even free - perhaps also because there is a risk that Apple veers off the application subsequently access to its server. Currently, however, the function works well. The App Store will it not "chopped"So the makers. However, one must be ready to log in with their Apple ID in Imazing because only so access is possible on selling apps. According DigiDNA the password never leaves the computer case and is stored at the request locally in the keychain. Apple's two-factor authentication is supported.

Download and managing apps hiding in new tab "Manage Apps", There can be installed, see both as contained in the own library applications. About the Library downloading lying on Apple's servers applications is possible. In addition, you can also import apps from iTunes (.ipa files) and these also export as long as they are connected with the current Apple ID.

The management of existing apps

In management uninstalling is possible on the device existing applications, also can backup including existing content (but not all apps) Create and restore them. In addition - and the people should rejoice with several Apple ID accounts - a filtering by user is possible. also has an integrated app store search. Imazing 2.5 can not download the list of apps a user himself completely according to the manufacturer, however, purchased Apps can be accessed through a search. A purchase or a download is not yet acquired Apps is not feasible in Imazing.

Imazing should also have Windows app management and app download feature soon, but currently it is only available for Mac users.(BSC)