iOS 11.1.1 fixes bugs

The AutoCorrect changed "I" possibly in "A" plus a symbol - depending on the app and receiver, other characters are represented.

(Image: Apple)

After just nine days Apple has nachgeschoben a bugfix update for iOS 1.11. It promises bug fixes in the AutoCorrect and "Hey Siri",

iOS 11.1.1 is available for iPhone and iPad for download. The released on Thursday evening to update - nine days after the release of iOS 1.11 - eliminate two errors: This also is a problem with the "automatic correction for keyboard input" as Apple performs.

What is meant is a bug where the iOS keyboard is tipptes "i" unasked changed, such as apps like iMessage or Twitter. While the channel thereof is usually not noticed, the receiver saw an "A" with an attached icon - or other characters in combination with a question mark in a square.

AutoCorrect bug sparked strange text messages and tweets from

AutoCorrect Fail
News of iPhone users contained may suddenly inappropriate letters - and a question mark in a square.Enlarge

Apparently, the iOS autocorrect hung in these cases an invisible Unicode control character to actually ensure that the preceding character is represented as Emoji. Since it to the "i" but is no Emoji match, it probably came to the incorrect display with the question mark icon. The error apparently spread from device to device. Details about the cause and spread has not been called Apple.

iOS 11.1.1 should "Hey Siri" make reliable again

iOS 11.1.1 shall also ensure that the activation of the voice assistant Siri on call ( "Hey Siri") again reliably funkioniert. Previously, the voice command was suddenly no longer perceived in circumstances from the device.

The update is available via the integrated touch Software Update or iTunes for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Depending on the model varies the download size on an iPhone X it is, for example, 54 Mbytes. there are currently no details of Apple prior to possibly also fixed security vulnerabilities.

It is so far the fifth update for iOS 11. Meanwhile, already running the beta phase for IOS 11.2, the missing features like AirPlay two likely replacement delivery.

So far, iOS 11 is installed rather hesitant in contrast to the two previous versions. According to Apple, half of the active devices has so far been well upgraded to the new version of the operating system.(LBE)