iOS devices are detailed app and iTunes Purchase History

So many apps I bought ?! One can now see on the iPhone.

(Image: Apple)

Apple has released a new server feature that it is possible to access its historic shopping list directly from your iPhone or iPad. This went so far only on Mac or PC.

Who makes many purchases on the iOS App Store and the iTunes store, easy to lose track. Insight into historical acquisitions could take but so far only (after many clicks) in the iTunes app on Mac or PC. Apple does this have changed as an updated on Wednesday support document shows. The list of purchases is now also mobile touch accessible on iPhone, iPad and iPod, as long as the device has the latest version of iOS has 11.

accessible via the account display

To find the data in the settings by clicking on your own name (top) and "iTunes & App Store" clicks. Then the Apple ID is selected, you have to confirm with a password if necessary. Then you can see its previous purchases. These are divided into individual accounts that can be also normals send on click via email - but only if actually money went. Conveniently, you can also settle at this point a problem report - for example, if you have purchased an app twice or accidentally, and to reclaim his money.

Putting Apple's family released a, however, you can only see what was purchased with the current Apple ID. If you want to check what the other family members so you have everything in their library, you have to to log in with their account.

iOS device can do more, iTunes soon (still) less?

With the new Apple seems a further step away from the central feature of iTunes in the cloud universe of the group to leave. Since iTunes 12.7 can not buy iOS apps more on Mac or PC and no longer manage them. The view the purchases from the iTunes Store (movies, series and music plus e-books) and the App Store, however, is still possible.

Maybe Apple sweeps the function but in the foreseeable future in its efforts to further purify iTunes. The elimination of the app download feature, however, had taken care of extensive criticism. Meanwhile, there is even own third-party tools that bring function back to the desktop.(BSC)