Apple buys image sensor start-up

Quantum film recordings are to act cinema-like.

(Picture: InVisage)

InVisage Technologies has developed a system based on quantum dots smartphone camera module that promises a much better light output.

Apple has bought another young company. Like the iPhone producer has confirmed to US media, is now the California-based start-up Newark InVisage Technologies part of the Group's portfolio. What is the purchase price was far transpired not - but the company is said to have previously collected nearly 100 million US dollars of investment capital from venture capitalists.

Better image sensors from our own foundry

Main product of InVisage Technologies is a novel image sensor which exchanges the silicon traditionally used therein against a so-called Quantum film. This is based on the quantum dots technology. According to Quantum of InVisage film can absorb the same amount of light as silicon, but the layer is ten times thinner and can absorb the full light spectrum, which promises better shots with better luminous efficiency. In practice filming interact with the art (see video below) better illuminated and have a cinema-like look.

InVisage btreibt according to the IT blog TechCrunch also has its own foundry in Taiwan, including the production platform where the film Quantum solution is produced - including wafers. Complete sensor chips to the start-up there can produce.

Quantum film sometime in the iPhone?

Apple has long dealt with photo and video sensors, collaborating with, among others Sony. Always, however, the Group requires this customized technology and is in image sensors very "hands-on", Apple has several patents here. Quantum that movie one day is used in the iPhone would be conceivable. In addition, the technology can also be used for applications in the field of augmented reality and identification, since the better picture promises a more accurate detection of the environment.

The acquisition of InVisage was commented unspecified Apple. The company will buy smaller technology companies from time to time for the purpose of buying up one expressed itself as little as about future plans. Apple's acquisitions included the Israeli company PrimeSense, known for its 3D sensors, which have included part of Microsoft's Kinect. Today technology from PrimeSense for the new facial recognition FaceID in iPhone to find X use.