Any monitor WhatsApp users around the clock: WhatsSpy

(Picture: Maikel Zweerink)

The privacy settings on WhatsApp are broken. If you know the phone number of any user, you can determine when this was here. With WhatsSpy and a Raspberry Pi can even log the long term.

With the open-source tool WhatsSpy can monitor the online status of any WhatsApp users around the clock. The software is installed on a server - that is good, for example, a small computer such as the Raspberry Pi - and includes a web interface that represents the online status of the target accounts clearly. The developer wants to point to the tool on the broken privacy settings at WhatsApp. WhatsApp tricks the user prior to that he could hide his online status, particularly consistent service, however, does not set the order.

Fake Security

In December, researchers at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg had demonstrated how easy it is to monitor the comings and goings of thousands of WhatsApp users. The researchers presented the anonymized data from their experiments impressive and explained what had to do WhatsApp to really protect the privacy of users. Since then, nothing seems to have happened on the part of WhatsApp and everyone can still see if any WhatsApp user is online, if it knows the phone number.

Spying for each

Where the researchers still needed a complex experimental setup with multiple smartphones for their study, anyone can now observe with much less effort with WhatsSpy and a Raspberry Pi individual users. It requires only a second WhatsApp account and an Android smartphone with root or an iPhone with Jailbreak. Who has no phone at hand can also use an unofficial Web API for WhatsApp with some PHP knowledge, however, which is integrated into WhatsSpy.

A second account is therefore necessary even as it runs the risk of being banned from WhatsApp. According to researchers at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, however, this risk is not too big. They had monitored by each account for months, hundreds of users without ever being locked.(FAB)